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Sunbed tanning is a cheap and effective way of achieving an all-over golden tan even when it's grey and raining outside. People will react differently to UV rays depending on the type of skin they have and their ability to tan which in turn is determined by hereditary factors. Before using a sunbed, get to know your skin type so that you can follow a tanning programme according to your skin's tanning ability. The skin of some very fair people contains very little melanin and they cannot produce it so they do not tan. They should not sunbathe or use a sunbed. A sunbed is designed to provide a gradual tanning programme without burning and accommodates different skin types. Find local tanning salons in your area and book an appointment today. Sunbeds emit ultra violet radiation in order to produce a tan. Sunbeds used to be beds and you would lie down in them but in recent years they are now standing devices. This is far more hygenic. It is important to note that Sunbeds can be damaging to your skin and have been linked to skin cancer.

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From beauty salons to barber shops, cosmetic surgeons to gyms, and tanning salon to spas, Secret Salons has Brighouse covered. We've found you the list of the best Sunbeds salons in Brighouse. Just give your chosen salon a call or drop in, and book your appointment today. Keep your eyes peeled for special Secret Salons offers the salons may be promoting on their salon pages, and then once you've chosen and had your Brighouse Sunbeds appointment, don't forget to come back and write a review!


Brighouse is situated in what is called the ‘golden triangle' commuter belt between Halifax, Ripponden and itself. All of these town's mills are currently undergoing an extensive transformation into loft style apartments. This would help the commuter problem and add new housing to the area. The library is a very important building to the area, with book lending services, language courses, internet access and fax facilities. There are two main shopping areas in the area: Commercial Street and Bethel Street. Blakely's Fish and Chip shop, located on Canal Street, is well known nationally for its delicious fish and chips..If you are into the arts then Brighouse is certainly the place to be. The Smith Art Gallery is located within the Brighouse Library and exhibits a collection of Victorian Era paintings. The Britpop band Embrace is from the area. They are well known for the song ‘World at Your Feet' which was the official England anthem for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. The Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band was founded here in 1881. They had a number two hit for six weeks back in 1977. Sports are big here as well. They host both rugby, Brighouse Ranger Amateur Rugby League Club, and football, Brighouse Town F.C. In 2000, Tesco made an agreement with the Brighouse Sports Club to allow the building of a new superstore on the site of the former club. This in turn allowed the sports club to build a new facility only a mile away at Russell Way.The Brighouse Charity Gala is held annually on the last Saturday of June. A procession marches through the town which is made up of floats designed by local groups and businesses. There are also walking groups and musical bands. It is a great event which gets the local community together, while raising money for good causes.

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