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From beauty salons to barber shops, cosmetic surgeons to gyms, and tanning salon to spas, Secret Salons has ST7 covered. We've found you the list of the best Body Wrap salons in ST7. Just give your chosen salon a call or drop in, and book your appointment today. Keep your eyes peeled for special Secret Salons offers the salons may be promoting on their salon pages, and then once you've chosen and had your ST7 Body Wrap appointment, don't forget to come back and write a review!

Body Wrap

A bodywrap is a beauty treatment that is known to promote weight loss as well as having a detoxifying effect. A body wrap is usually done in a spa and involves having a lotion or ingredient slathered on your body. Popular ingredients for body masks include mud, clay, and algae but it can also be a cream or lotion. Once this has been applied sparingly you then are wrapped in hot towels and left for this to soak into your pores for 20-30 minutes. Once this has been done you will have any excess product rinsed off before a lotion is applied to finish it off. Often it is referred to as a body mask. 

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