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5 Old King Street Bath Avon BA1 2JW 01225 310014

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The Health & Beauty Centre is a beautiful Georgian salon located in the heart of Bath. Established in 1993 by Jannean Donson, The Health and Beauty Centre prides itself on a relaxed and friendly approach. We welcome male and female clients of all ages and offer a comprehensive range of treatments including; St Tropez spray tanning, Mary Cohr facials, OPI Manicure & Pedicures, OPI Axxium Overlays, Aromatherapy Massage, Sports Massage, Body wraps and much more. .Please call or e-mail for an appointment!

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Latest Reviews

  • Health & Beauty Centre 's review by Yvonne


    The below is a copy of the email I sent to the owner of Health and Beauty Centre who, at the time of writing, has not had the courtesy to respond. I would NOT recommend using this service under any circumstance: I visited The Health and Beauty Centre in Bath in September 2015 for a pre-booked appointment. You will recall that there were a few issues and a day on am still feeling disappointed at the experience. I thought it best to share directly with you, because I'd like to think that this was an isolated incident and as a small business owner myself, know the importance of good will and continued support from my clients. You came highly recommended by my partner who has visited several times for treatments. Desperately-seeking a chance to de-stress and to ease some achy joints, I contacted your number last week and made the appointment for Saturday morning. However, from the moment I stepped though the front door there were a series of unfortunate scenarios that made for a disappointing first experience, including: - The assistant/receptionist was vacuuming the lower stairs area - not the best first impression - The therapist was not available at the designated time and I had to wait half an hour before the session could begin - this meant I had to miss a lunch appointment - It would have been a nice touch to have been offered some refreshment whilst I waited; there were some tea-making facilities in the waiting area but no offer was made. - The therapist arrived in a fluster, altering the ambiance as I was lying on the treatment bed - it would have been better to have spent a couple of minutes gathering yourself to present a calm and professional manner before entering the treatment room - The treatment had already begun before realising I was being given the wrong one - surely this should have been checked in the appointment book before commencing? - The assistant then entered the room to discuss altering the appointment of the next customer; this again altered what should have been a relaxed atmosphere of the room - Another customer arrived and was shown to the room next door. A discussion then began between her and (I assume) the member of staff which was fully audible from the room I was in. This continued at full volume for several minutes until I commented that it was very difficult to relax whilst having to listen to someone else's conversation. You hesitated to act and it was a further few minutes before going next door to ask for them to be more discreet. By now this was a good half way through the treatment - Although my tummy was given the body scrub, it wasn't included as part of the massage and overall the treatment finished 5 minutes early Once the treatment got properly under way, it was nice and I did manage to relax to some extent before the session ended. However considering it should have lasted for 1 hour 15, I do not feel I received good value. Upon finishing, you kindly offered unprompted, a reduction off the fee of £50 as an apology for the confusion and lateness. However, when I went to pay, this amounted to £2.50!! I was astounded that after making the gesture, it was for such a minuscule amount. I don't have the time or the funds to treat myself very often and would have happily paid the full price of £50 in return for what should have been a positive experience. However, this just felt like a hollow gesture, adding to the upset and showing a complete mishandling of the situation. I would like your response on this matter. Also your reassurance that if I or my partner were to visit in future, this situation would not happen again and that we can expect to be shown a level of courtesy and respect which I feel was badly lacking last weekend.

    Reviewed by

    2015-10-02 12:48:24
  • Health & Beauty Centre 's review by Hilary Chapman


    I have been to The Health & Beauty Centre a number of times now and always recieve top quality service at a great price. The girls at the H&B are really friendly and are ALL great at their treatments! Would recommend to everyone! They also do lots of promotions too which always helps out the bank account! 5*****

    Reviewed by

    2012-07-16 09:14:04
  • Health & Beauty Centre 's review by Sally Evans


    I have been using The Health & Beauty Centre for over 15 years , i wouldn't go anywhere else. The Treatments are excellent, i've tried most of them , my family know to give me gift vouchers as presents. The Staff conduct themselves professionally at all times but also making you feel relaxed and comfortable. i cannot recommend them highly enough .

    Reviewed by

    2012-07-16 09:14:00
  • Health & Beauty Centre 's review by Hayley


    What a great experience had at The Health and Beauty Centre, firstly greeted with a warm friendly smile from the receptionist. On being shown to the treatment room, the beautician talked thorugh my treatment, any queries I had or allergies to any products After my treatment was completed the beautician walked me back to the reception, completed my payment and answered a few questions I had on other treatments the centre had to offer - overall one of the best health and beauty centres I have been too. Customer service goes along way and this place has found the right remedy

    Reviewed by

    2012-07-16 09:13:56
  • Health & Beauty Centre 's review by F Townsend


    Booked an appointment,over the phone. When I arrived, they had no record of me! I had proof of booking from my mobile phone. All they could say was 'human error, occurs sometimes' I had driven from Bristol -asked for my money back -they refused -costumer service -VERY POOR

    Reviewed by

    2011-03-11 07:52:23
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