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All the rage across Hollywood and all the world's glamour spots, permanent or otherwise eyelash extensions are sweeping across the beauty world . Don't be left behind, give your eyelashes the boost they deserve! You can get full eyelash sets attached but a more natural look will consist of individual eyelashes being added. Synthetic lashes (80-100) are painstakingly bonded to your existing lashes using tweezers by trained therapists. A full set will take about an hour and a half but for as natural look most choose a half set. Eyelash extensions can last for between 8-12 weeks.


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From beauty salons to barber shops, cosmetic surgeons to gyms, and tanning salon to spas, Secret Salons has Poole covered. We've found you the list of the best Eyelash Extensions salons in Poole. Just give your chosen salon a call or drop in, and book your appointment today. Keep your eyes peeled for special Secret Salons offers the salons may be promoting on their salon pages, and then once you've chosen and had your Poole Eyelash Extensions appointment, don't forget to come back and write a review!


Poole and the southwest region have a litany of attractions and places to see. The Dolphin Shopping Centre serves as Poole's central retail area and is also the largest indoor shopping area in the Dorset region. The historic Old Town area and Poole Quay connects to the Dolphin Centre via the high street, which contains several shops, bars, and restaurants. Some of the most notable restaurants near the high street area include The Storm and The Canteen, both family owned restaurants that provide great food and service. The Tower Park Leisure Complex on Yarrow Road is the south coast's largest entertainment hub, offering a fitness centre, a cinema, restaurants, a water park, and more. The popular Bowplex on Poole Road is a newly developed computerised bowling alley frequented by both families and league players alike. Some of the best hotels in Poole include the Thanet House, Acorns, and the Fenn Lodge. The Lighthouse serves as the arts centre for Poole and is also the largest arts centre outside of London. The town has several places for recreation, including the largest park in the town—Poole Park. It was designated as a Conservation Area in 1995 and contains a man-made lake, a miniature golf course, tennis courts, an ice rink, and various restaurants. Poole Harbour and Bay also serve as popular recreational spots for sailing, surfing, and water skiing. The many sandy beaches in Poole are extremely popular for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. In terms of professional sports, it is unfortunate that Poole is one of the largest towns in England without a professional football team.

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