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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow... Etc etc. Let's hope the hairdressers in your location is as interestingly named as some of the others out there! Hairway to Heaven, anyone?

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From beauty salons to barber shops, cosmetic surgeons to gyms, and tanning salon to spas, Secret Salons has Cheltenham covered. We've found you the list of the best Hairdressers salons in Cheltenham. Just give your chosen salon a call or drop in, and book your appointment today. Keep your eyes peeled for special Secret Salons offers the salons may be promoting on their salon pages, and then once you've chosen and had your Cheltenham Hairdressers appointment, don't forget to come back and write a review!


Among the myriad of things worth seeing and doing whilst in Cheltenham, a stop at Cheltenham Market is utmost. Featuring an award-winning farmer's market, the market fosters goods grown or produced within thirty miles of the town. Also, available, however, if you care to expand your palette (globally), are a number of international markets. The Everyman Theatre on Regent Street offers terrific opera, drama, comedy, ballet and various other performances. Between its gorgeous Rococo interior and quality regular acts, Cheltenham residents savour this local venue as something quintessentially their own. Also famous in Cheltenham is Wishing Fish Clock, the world's tallest mechanical clock which weighs three tons. Ever year nearly a quarter of a million visitors come to watch its amusing hourly cycle.

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